Providing expert advice to Stroud District Council


Providing expert advice to Stroud District Council

ACRO worked with Stroud District Council earlier this year to uncover critical overseas conviction information to support an international investigation. 

Part of ACRO’s mission is to lead in the field of criminal records information services by providing specialist advice, guidance and support. 
The commitment to this mission was demonstrated when Stroud District Council asked ACRO for assistance with an ongoing animal welfare investigation. 

The council had reached a point in an investigation when they needed to find out whether the person they were investigating had convictions in the EU that would support the investigation.

ACRO’s Development and International teams worked with the council, guiding them through the process and drawing on specialist knowledge to explain the nature of the convictions. 

As a result, the council was able to present the historical convictions as admissible evidence within the investigation. 

Dave Jackson, Environmental Protection Manager, explains the impact of ACRO’s involvement:

“This was all new ground for us in the investigative sense and so we are absolutely delighted with the result.

“It was clear at the time that [ACRO was] ‘going the extra mile’ in seeking the information we requested and it is extremely gratifying that those efforts made a major contribution to a successful outcome.

“We were delighted with the results of ACRO’s assistance and it represents a good example of the benefits of inter-agency working and information sharing.”

Lisa Stevens, Senior Manager for International Services, is proud of ACRO’s contribution: 

“As a result of ACRO staff operating to tight timescales, seeking the correct authorities and going the extra mile, we were able to help Stroud District Council fully examine this matter, providing crucial information to support the investigation and, in turn, safeguard the community.”


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Published 7th October 2021