ACRO’s international development work aims to improve and expand the international exchange of criminal conviction information.

Exchange mechanisms within the EU are already well established; ACRO is the UK Central Authority for the Exchange of Criminal Records with other EU Member States and we use ECRIS predominantly to share records securely and efficiently.

With countries outside the EU there is still much to do to encourage exchange processes and develop existing arrangements.

ACRO’s Development team works closely with government agencies in the UK and overseas to reach formal agreements which mirror the EU arrangements.

The focus is on those countries where UK nationals commit crime, those countries whose nationals commit crime in the UK and those countries with which the UK has close ties.

The team works hard to raise the profile of international criminal conviction exchange processes across the UK, particularly among police forces, by promoting the benefits of obtaining overseas convictions information and educating law enforcement teams on how to get the most from the request process.

A key area of work for the team is working with police forces to automate the process of requesting an overseas conviction check. The aim is to make it easy and straightforward as possible, which will reduce the burden on police teams and ultimately save them time and resources.

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