Non-EU exchange of criminal records

The NEU-ECR team works in collaboration with a number of UK law enforcement, government agencies and non-policing agencies, including:

The NEU-ECR manages foreign criminal conviction information on behalf of these agencies ensuring that databases and registers in the UK are updated and information is available to those who require it. By providing this service to partner agencies, the NEU-ECR can supply UK law enforcement with extra knowledge and data to help police and protect the UK.

The NEU-ECR also conducts a similar criminal record exchange to the UKCA-ECR with countries outside of the European Union.

Requests for extracts from non-EU criminal registers are made on behalf of UK law enforcement agencies for persons who are subject to criminal proceedings in the UK or where there are public protection objectives.

Conviction Notifications are sent to a selection of Non-EU countries when their nationals are convicted of criminal offences in the UK. These Notifications include updates to the conviction status.

This work is carried out using secure communication channels and follows a strict risk assessment to ensure the exchange does not adversely affect those parties involved.



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