Annual Report 2019-2020


ACRO Annual Report 2019-2020

"A policing capability that goes above and beyond”


While we navigate our way through the challenges posed by covid-19 and exiting the EU, it is important to stop and reflect on the last financial year.
ACRO’s 2019-2020 Annual Report demonstrates our ability to continue our commitment to safer communities in the UK and across the world, while supporting UK policing at a critical and difficult time.
In his introduction, Chief Executive Rob Price said: “I am once again proud to see so many examples of ACRO’s purpose of safer communities brought to life.”
“Achievements included a collaboration with the Council of British International Schools as our founding Global ICPC Ambassador, improving conviction exchange rates globally, and the return on investment we provided to policing.
“We maintained focus on preparing for EU exit, working with police, government and law enforcement partners to ensure continued conviction exchange.” 


The report demonstrates how the covid-19 pandemic led to a reduction in applications for Police Certificates and in turn, an impact on ACRO financially.
However, it also demonstrates how we have been able to establish a new service within weeks to administrate fixed penalty notices issued under public health and travel regulations.
In Rob’s words: “Nationally, our fixed penalty notices work has generated interest in ACRO’s potential for developing further solutions on behalf of UK policing.”
We delivered £7.9million worth of services, more than four times the £1.8m funding received from police forces.

Committed to providing responsible information services

We processed more than 190,000 requests from the public for access to their information and our Customer Services team handled more than 60,000 phone calls.
We received 2,242 requests from the public to have their criminal records deleted, which we co-ordinated on behalf of police forces throughout England and Wales.
This has all been against a backdrop of uncertainty as Martin Hewitt, Chair of the NPCC explained in his foreword:
“Dealing with COVID has not been the only challenge. The practical realities as we transition out of the EU once again loom on the horizon.
“Whatever the outcome of the current negotiations between the UK and the EU, I am confident that ACRO will continue to play its critical role in keeping people safe, both here and overseas.”
A guide to common abbreviations and summary of our services can be found here
A snapshot of highlights from the report is available here

Published 5th October 2020